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Welcome to the Da Vinci Innovation Academy Wiki!

Welcome to the DVIAMinecraftLeague WikiEdit

This is the main page of the Da Vinci Innovation Minecraft League Team. Here you can find resources, challenge information ,or simply talk about Minecraft or the league.

Please make sure to check the Team Rules and the Guidelines for Posting!

Have any photos?  Send them to me or post them to the wiki and I'll add them to our Gallery!

One of our students, Bebobay, wrote an essay about Minecraft about The Basics of Minecraft.  I would check it out, it's a very complete essay and is perfect for beginnners or people who have never played the game


You can also view our students' Redstone projects in our Redstone Gallery.

Parents of our Da Vinci sudents may want to read Linda's Letter.  Linda is a Professor at Pepperdine and is the leader of the Pepperdine group that made the Minecraft League and Elective possible.  On a side note, Linda is a huge gamer, playing games like World of Warcraft!

We have a meeting at 1:00 December 12th on DVCraft.  Don't be late!

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